When you are ready to create an amazingly captivating business video, length matters.

The optimal length for your business video depends on the type of video you are creating, and how you plan to promote it. For example, different channels (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) have unique marketing objectives for videos. This means the ideal length is going to change.

Regardless of who you are or what you are trying to sell, there’s a single, hard and fast answer to the question – how long should your video be?


Optimal Video Length: What You Need to Know

This is the age of “online video.” While this is true, many people forget viewers are watching video in many ways, including desktop, laptop, mobile devices, tablets, etc. When considering video length, you have to think about how the video will be watched.

If your video is being created mainly for online marketing, is it going to stay on your homepage to quickly explain a product or service, or is it designed for a seasonal campaign going on a dedicated landing page? Are you trying to grow awareness on Facebook, or using it as a tool for lead generation on YouTube?

Each scenario has a unique objective. The length of your video has to reflect that specific objective.

According to research, the ideal video length time for various platforms is:

  • Facebook – 2 minutes
  • Instagram – 30 seconds
  • YouTube – 2 minutes
  • Twitter – 45 seconds

The purpose of the video also plays a role. If you are creating a pre-roll ad that will run before YouTube videos 15-30 seconds will work well. Explaining a complex product or service in an easily understandable way will require 90 seconds to two minutes.

If you have a B2B company, LinkedIn has suggested that you keep your videos between 15 and 30 seconds for best results, but you can go up to as much as five minutes, if necessary depending on the complexity of your message.

Let Your Video Objective Guide Your Video Length

As you can see, you can’t treat all your video channels the same. And, you can’t treat all of your video content exactly the same.

One of the biggest mistakes made with long videos is that they try to accomplish too much. While you can make a single video to explain everything from your product and company culture, to answering all your FAQs and more, chances are it would be much too long to hold a viewer’s attention.

You have to determine your video’s objective. Rather than creating a huge video that discusses all the facets of your company, divide the video into smaller ones. Make them each about two-minutes long and optimize them for different channels.

The Final Word on Video Length

Are you still unsure how long you should make your animated video? If so, answer this question:

Are you trying to sell something?

  • If you answered “no” make your video as short as possible.
  • If you answered “yes” make your video as short as possible.

An animated video can be a powerful and effective sales tool. When you understand engagement, the type of video, and the channel you are using for distribution, you can create an amazing and effective video for any step in your customer’s journey.

Keep things short and to the point, and you are going to keep viewers engaged and interested in what is being shown. If you have any questions about how long your video should be, feel free to get in touch and we can help you decide.